This is the year you get what you REALLY want

This article is about how you can get what you want out of your life and career in 2021. It doesn't matter if you've tried before and failed before. This year is THE year if you follow these simple steps.

What is it that you want? A promotion? A better office? More money? More free time? A new boss? A job in Paris? Whatever it is, you can have it if you choose to take a few actions first.


First, get extremely clear on what it is you want. Some people make vision boards. Others tell everyone they know what their goal is so they don't renege on it. Others keep their most ardent desire a secret but they hold it close and nurture it. Whatever you decide to do, commit to it. Imagine yourself there. Marinate in it. Soak that desire into your bones.


 Second, develop a SMART goal. SMART is a plan that is





If you goal is very large, it may be helpful to break your goal down into smaller, more achievable goals so you can make progress and keep up your momentum with a sense of accomplishment.



Third, now that you reek of this thing that you want so bad you can taste it, and a plan to accomplish it, commit to it. Tell yourself that you're not going to quit until you get it. One caveat... you ARE allowed to revise your desire along the way. Often we THINK we want something until we learn about it's really about and it's absolutely okay to change your mind and pivot to something different. That said, if you REALLY want something different than what you have, don't let yourself wimp out when it gets hard. You can be tired. You can lay down and cry. You can drink a bottle of wine to drown your fear (just not every night), but PLEASE after you've gotten through your little break, get back on the path to your goal. 


Fourth, start talking to people who know something about where you'd like to go. Who is doing what you'd like to do? Have you researched articles or read books on the topic? Be super curious and don't let your fear or shyness hold you back from learning from people have been there, are there now or are a few steps ahead of you on the journey. Though we may sometimes be fearful of rejection, most people really like to talk about their passions and their successes and how they got there. Look for people you know who know the people you want to talk with and ask for an introduction.

If you don't have those contact, reach out cold and ask for a quick phone call or offer to buy people coffee. Get LinkedIn. Send them messages through their websites. Express (genuine) interest in what they are doing. Recognize that your role models are probably very busy so they may not say yes or may have very limited time. If they don't respond or can't meet with you, it's not about you... it's about them being busy so just move on to the next person on your list. When you do make contact, be respectful of their time and patience and always say thank you!


Fifth, meet up with fellow travelers. Go to networking events or clubs that are focused on the thing you want to do. Look for specialized social media networking groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Engage on these groups. It's amazing how well you can get to know people on groups where people are sharing their ideas and visions. If you find someone you would like to get better connected with, ask them if they'd be willing to do a virtual coffee on Zoom, FaceTime or by phone. It helps when you reach out to let the person know what about them caught your attention -- for example, if you have mutual contacts or if they posted a comment that resonated with you, let them know!


Finally, if you find your motivation flagging or your just overwhelmed by what to do next, you can consider hiring a coach to help you -- either in a one-on-one engagement or in a group program. Usually the one-on-one programs are more expensive, but the engagement can be customized for your specific needs. Group coaching programs can be great because you have the support of not only your coach, but also others who are trying to reach a similar goal. Great friendships and professional relationships can come out of these programs.

 Happy New Year! I can't wait to see you getting exactly what you want! You deserve it so make it happen!!

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