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You're looking for change.

Maybe you don't even know what it is yet, but you know things can't stay the same.

By outward measures, you're successful.

Inside you feel drained, frustrated and not happy with the status quo. 

You're well-compensated but could do better.

You wonder if the risk of going for it is worth it. Could it jeopardize what you already have?

You're trying to "ride it out" & "hang in there."

There are so many benefits to staying in your situation

but you're paying the toll with your health and happiness.

You work very hard but feel unappreciated. 

You're smart, hard-working and add value. What do you

need to do to get the recognition you deserve?

You've lost the "mojo" that you used to have.

It's been hard to summon the energy and confidence you once had. You wonder if you can ever regain it. 

Deep down you know what you want to do...

but achieving your goal feels elusive or blocked. There never seems to be the time or energy to get there.

You want more happiness and success...

but what you've been doing up until now isn't working and you're wondering if it's even possible.

If this sounds like you, keep reading...

Can you relate to any of these statements?

You can be happier and more successful when you learn to play the game of work. If you're not currently satisfied in your career, it could be because you're playing by the wrong rules.

In Winning the Game of Work, Terry Boyle McDougall shares the rules she learned from wise mentors and coaches, as well as the lessons she learned the hard way. She entered the workplace as an ambitious “go-getter” and was confused about why she wasn't advancing at the pace she expected. Being smart and working hard aren't enough. The reward for developing a strategy for the game of work is success and happiness with less stress and duress.

This book will help you:

  • Get recognized for your value you on the job

  • Develop and appreciate your unique “superpowers" at work

  • Cope with a bad boss without burning out or getting fired

  • Get the promotion you deserve

  • Deliver more impact on the job with some simple hacks

  • And more...


Winning the Game of Work is the essential guidebook to help you develop your unique skills as a “player.” Now is the time to see the field, make the savvy moves and win the game of work on your own terms!



“If you’re ready to stop being naïve about what it really takes to succeed in a game where hard work and smarts are merely table stakes, then this is the book for you... In Winning the Game of Work Terry McDougall coaches you how to win the point, game, set and match.”
-- Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., Author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office and Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up or Stand Out

“Terry McDougall has written an important book on how to lead a successful career you enjoy without losing yourself in the process. It serves as a reminder that we’re all here for a reason and we don’t need to look any further than the mirror for validation.”
-- Mike Robbins, Author of We’re All in This Together and Bring Your Whole Self to Work

“In today’s go-go workplace, it can be hard to maintain a healthy perspective. Terry McDougall has crafted a common sense roadmap pointing the way to a satisfying and successful career.”
Joseph McCormack, Author of Noise and Brief



Amazon #1 New Release  Winning the Game of Work 

is out and available in e-book and paperback editions!

I'm Terry B. McDougall

Leadership Success Coach

Hello Smart & Talented Person,

I'm Terry Boyle McDougall and I work with mid-career professionals who are successful but not satisfied. My clients are high-achievers at a VP level or up with at least 10 years in the workforce and an advanced degree or the equivalent in experience. They are go-getters who crave the satisfaction of making a positive impact. 

We should talk if: 

  • Your standards require you to deliver at the highest level, but you're finding it increasingly hard to muster the energy to keep it up.

  • You're motivated by accomplishment and find that what worked for you in the past is no longer getting you to the level of success and fulfillment it once did.

  • The harder you work, the more frustrated you feel.

  • You wonder if you just need to accept that this is the best you can expect -- and wait it out until the kids are out of school, the mortgage is paid off, your bonus comes through or... retirement.

  • Once you have "security" you can do what you "really" want to do.

  • You tell yourself, you're an adult -- you can ride it out. Adulthood is all about sacrifice, right?

You can be happy NOW. Life is way too short to spend

any more time being unhappy at work.

What separates me from other career coaches is that I've walked a similar path to the one you're on:

  • I worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years, both at small entrepreneurial firms and at large and complex corporations.

  • I planned my career, including getting an MBA, in order to use my talents to the utmost and reap the rewards of being a high-performer.

  • I led teams of high-achieving professionals and advised leaders at all levels of the organizations where I worked.

  • I loved the sandbox of the corporate world -- the big challenges and feelings of satisfaction of accomplishing big things.

  • I also experienced times of frustration and impotence:

    • working for leaders of varying abilities,

    • doing more with less,

    • struggling with ambiguity and changing priorities,

    • trying to motivate under-performers,

    • navigating office politics,

    • enduring disruption and downturns,

    • doing more than one job for the same compensation,

    • integrating mergers and acquisitions and more -- you get the picture!

As a manager, coaching and mentoring was my favorite part of the job and I am good at it. In 2017, I decided to turn my passion into my profession. I took  decades of front-line experience and became trained as a Certified Professional Coach -- a certification accredited by the International Coach Federation, the governing body of the coaching industry.

You don't need to feel overworked and underappreciated. Happiness and fulfillment from your career is possible!

You have a special gift to share with the world and when we work together, I'll serve as your ally and partner as your chart your path to a more authentic and productive way of being in the workplace. I'll meet you where you are with loads of patience and empathy, and no judgment. Unlike your friends and family, I'm an objective third party who understands. Together, we take the intentional steps to:

  • Become crystal clear on your goals.

  • Evaluate the gap between the present situation and that goal.

  • Identify and remove obstacles you may encounter. 

  • Brainstorm, select and implement options for how to get to your goal.

  • Take consistent and intentional action to make it happen.

  • Celebrate when you achieve your goal!

Along the way I serve as a confidential and objective sounding board, a brainstorming partner, a firm accountability backstop, and your biggest cheerleader.

I support smart and capable people like you to be their best. This is your life and you deserve to enjoy it!

If you would like to explore whether working together could be a good fit, set up a no-obligation consultation with me through my calendar.


I can't wait to talk with you!

  • CPC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • MBA, University of Maryland, College Park

  • BA, Economics, College of William & Mary

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  • CPC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • MBA, University of Maryland, College Park

  • BA, Economics, College of William & Mary

  • ICF Certified Professional Coach

  • Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner

  • Facet5 Certified Practitioner

Guest Lecturer
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

  • Framingham State University, Framingham, MA

Fun Stuff
  • Second City Chicago Training Center

    • Improv 1 & 2

    • Sketch Writing 1 & 2

    • Storytelling 1

What's Important to me:
  • My husband and three kids

  • My puggle, Gabby

  • Helping my clients lead satisfying lives

  • Feeding my curiosity

  • Connecting with others in meaningful ways

  • Having fun!

Until May 11, 2020  my publisher New Degree Press has allowed me to offer the e-book for


only $0.99!!


Starter Package


You want to see what coaching is all about before committing to a longer package.

1-2 month program:

  • Three 50-minute coaching sessions by phone or VC

  • Plus the Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief session.


Expected results:

  • You will become clear on your desired goal.

  • You will increase your awareness of blocks that stand in the way of your progress.

  • You will have experienced mindset shifts that allow you to see new ways of approaching your goals.

  • Depending on your situation, you may accomplish one or more of your goals.

  • You will recognize unproductive attitudes and be able to shift yourself to a more productive mindset.

To Learn More

Gold Package

You are ready to achieve your goals easier and quicker than going it alone.

4-6 month program includes:

  • 90-minute kick-off session

  • 11 additional 50-minute coaching sessions by phone or VC

  • The Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief session.

  • Unlimited text & email support

  • One 10-minute optional check-in call per week

  • Customized tools and activities to support development.

Expected results:

  • You will become clear on your desired goals.

  • You will have a plan to achieve your goals.

  • You will have achieved your goals or made meaningful progress towards their attainment.

  • You will feel more confident and empowered.

  • You have a higher level of self-awareness and know how to shift yourself into your most productive mindset in any situation.

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Platinum Package

To maintain consistent high-performance you want an ally in your corner to support your on-going success.


12 month+ program:

  • Two full-day strategy sessions per year (or quarterly 1/2 day sessions) - by phone, VC or in person.

  • Four 50-minute coaching sessions per month by phone or VC

  • Unlimited check-in calls or laser coaching sessions, arranged by text or email based on my availability.

  • The Energy Leadership Index assessment, 360 degree assessment and debrief.

  • Unlimited text & emails.

  • Exercises and assignments.

Expected results:

  • You will become clear on your desired goals, develop action plans and consistently meet them.

  • Continual improvement will become a habit.

  • You will handle stress and challenge easily from a place of perspective and flow.

  • Your ability to step into your power and confidence in any situation of will become your norm.

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What is the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment?

I am a Core Energy Coach and my goal is to help clients free the energy they need in order to achieve their goals. Energy

can become blocked due to beliefs that we hold in our subconscious. Any change that is lasting must include strategies for

changing your internal beliefs or you'll find yourself in a "boomerang" situation where you may be able to achieve results through sheer will, but once the focus is off your goals the situation reverts to the previous status quo. 


The ELI Assessment provides you with useful insights into your unique energy profile and energetic stress response, as well as the thoughts and beliefs that drive them. When you become aware of your underlying motivations, you can begin to consciously address unconscious habits that have kept you stuck in unproductive habits and situations.

The ELI is an 70-question online assessment that takes about 20 minutes to complete and includes a 12-page custom report, and hour-long debrief. With the awareness you gain after taking the ELI, you will spend more time enjoying positive, healing energy and less time experiencing negative, depleting energy.

To Learn More

Great place to start if you're not ready to commit to a package!


Why We're Great >

Robbin S.

Strategic Marketing Leader, Financial Services

Working with Terry has given me tremendous perspective and allowed me to break patterns that were not self-serving. Terry is a great listener and supportive, but she also does not let you off the hook from being your best self. With Terry's coaching skills combined with her years of corporate experience, she was able to drill in core issues and help me achieve my goals and progress in ways I was not achieving on my own. I highly recommend Terry as a coach to help change your trajectory.

Tammy G.

CMO/Corporate Board Director

Terry is a great coach and communicator. Terry and I worked together on a number of targeted issues and she was able to dive in and ask the astute questions that allowed me to identify the solution to my issue. She also assisted me in evaluating those ideas to determine the best solution and helped me build a game plan with actionable steps and deadlines so I had accountability to get it done. She held me to my commitments ultimately resulting in resolution to my issue. She works wonders!

Warren C.

Tech Consultant & Entrepreneur

Terry has been an excellent conversation partner as I've made decisions around growing my business and advancing my career. I appreciate her versatility -- she's a great listener and sounding board, good to brainstorm with, and also has good ideas and contacts. If you are looking for someone to walk with you through times when you are making critical decisions about your future, I highly recommend Terry.

Marianne H.

Marketing Strategist & Technologist

Terry was a thinking partner as I considered a pivot in my professional life. I couldn't have made a better choice. She listened intently, captured details, quickly connected them and helped me consider options for proceeding. I recommend Terry to anyone considering change or seeking an experienced, trustworthy individual to make sense of options.

Paul M.

Fortune 1000 Corporate Communications Executive

With Terry's support, I developed professional insights that enabled me to make tough decisions and move complex projects forward. She understands the dynamics of the corporate environment -- no explanation needed. Talk with Terry if you need more confidence, balance and fulfillment in your life and career.

Gayle G.

Senior Marketing Manager, Asset Management

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Terry and I feel privileged to have her as a coach. I always look forward to our conversations. Terry's great questions, insights and gentle prodding have helped me identify my "a-ha" moment. I now have more clarity and focus on attaining my goal. She has been a vital resource to me and I look forward to continuing our relationship.      

Birgit B.


Terry is an awesome coach. Working with her helped me see the possibilities in my business as well as in my personal life. Her insightful, thoughtful personality guided me intuitively through my journey of self discovery. You won't go wrong working with Terry! She will change your life!

Jennifer D.

Tenured University Professor

Terry is a highly skilled career coach with many successful years of experience behind her. She evaluated my goals to determine how best she could help, asked pointed questions and listened carefully, and provided sound advice that has permitted me to make positive changes in the workplace and my career. She was understanding and encouraging, and at the same time very professional and effective in her approach. I can't recommend Terry enough!

Kevin H.

Principal & Managing Director, Corporate Finance

I'm very thankful for Terry's guidance and assistance as I was going through a major life transition both personally and professionally. She is a great coach and her insight and ideas on how to deal with those changes are things that still influence me today.

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